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Izdelek je izdelan iz vrhunskih materialov, da zagotavlja dolgo življenjsko dobo in zanesljivost.

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Izdelek je zasnovan tako, da je njegova montaža ali namestitev enostavna in hitra, kar prihrani čas in energijo.


Macgyver food thermos 0.6L 102235
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The 0.6-liter food thermos is a must for short trips and trips. It is made of double-walled stainless steel. The thermos is prepared for storing hot and cold drinks, soups or food products, maintaining the temperature of dishes up to 8 hours. The 600 ml capacity is perfect for all-day hikes. In addition, it has a compartment in the lid, in which there is a set of cutlery (a must-have item), and the large opening ensures easy cleaning.

Mountain hiking and forested camping are associated with a modest menu, previously prepared provisions or a defective diet. Thanks to dinner thermos you will not have to worry and limit what you eat. Choosing a thermos for food is definitely a better option than cooking from previously prepared products on a fire or a tourist stove, which is usually much larger and needs additional equipment.

A thermos dinner will be perfect not only on the trail and while traveling. At work, at school, at the university – it is not always possible to have a hot meal. sometimes we spend most of the day in a place where we do not have a fully equipped kitchen and cooking conditions – the dinner thermos gives the opportunity to eat a hot meal up to several hours after preparation and does not take up much space.


Material: double wall stainless steel
Dimensions: 10.5 x 15 cm
Capacity: 600 ml
Keeping temperature: up to 8 hours
Compartment in the lid
Cutlery included (spoon and fork)

MacGyver will give you what every traveler needs. A weekend in the woods, fishing or hiking in the mountains – MacGyver is for you. The brand was created out of passion for traveling, spending time actively in nature and, most importantly, out of love for survival. Thanks to the wide selection of multifunctional tools, knives, axes and sappers made of durable materials, you can do almost anything – from lighting a fire to building a hut.

MacGyver is not only equipment for handling in the field – you will also find amateur rods with accessories, flashlights and headlamps, lamps and binoculars. You don't have to worry about having nowhere to pack your equipment – MacGyver comes out to meet you. MacGyver tactical backpacks are durable and extremely functional bags that blend in perfectly with the forest environment.

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